Pen and Ink Illustration

The work you see here is a revitalization of the drawings architects would have produced when they had as tools only pencils, pens and brushes. Most of the work intentionally retains evidence of its construction; lines in pencil or light marker that convey the story not only of the subject and its structure, but of the work itself.

ENOArt uses Rapidograph pens, walnut and india inks, watercolor pencils and gouache, and Prismacolor markers on Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper or boards, and Ampersand Aquaboard. All materials are archival quality and acid-free. Some of the drawings are completed on-site while others are done in studio with sketches and photos as reference.

Life can be found in unexpected places - urban, industrial, ordinary. Chicago has been the source of inspiration for this work for over 10 years, but new and intriguing places to represent come from travels around the world. The ultimate goal is for others to see that the built environment has life of its own, with history, intelligence and responsiveness.

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Upcoming Events

Edgewater Artwalk - Sheridan / Bryn Mawr

May 2021

Edgewater Arts Fest - Broadway / Granville

August 2021

Ravenswood Artwalk - Ravenswood / Berteau

September 2021

Meet the Artist

Erin has been specializing in traditional pen and ink architectural drawing since attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009-2011. Armed with an existing degree in digital animation from Columbia College Chicago (class of 2005) she took a more artistic approach to the study of buildings and is now an illustrator for an architecture firm in Chicago.

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